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Why is YouTube so popular?

Başlatan Lanss, 28 Haziran , 2023, 04:54:33

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What makes YouTube so popular?
Of course, this is an opportunity to watch and upload almost any video on any topic. Here, viewers will find news programs, concerts, music videos, and scientific lectures from leading universities in the world. The most famous film companies in the world publish trailers for their films and series on YouTube. The same applies to performers. If you want your music video to be seen by your fans, then you put it on YouTube.

Service algorithms are constantly being improved. So you see what you like in your recommendation feed. Even if you have never watched it, the platform suggests that you might like it. In the same way, YouTube promotes both popular channels and newly created ones. And if the video gets a lot of reactions, then the algorithms send it to the Trends section.
In addition, YouTube offers a Premium subscription and a music service called Yotube Music that removes ads from videos and gives you offline access to all YouTube music videos, including songs from famous artists like Taylor Swift.

But its main feature is bloggers, streamers, music artists, etc. It is people who create tons of content every day for all of us, earning money from it and delighting their subscribers. Therefore, YouTube is introducing features such as Sponsored subscriptions, paid stickers and donations during live broadcasts.


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