D2R Metamorphosis Druid Build Guide

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This guide aims to provide everything you need using a useful guide for newbies and veterans alike, for your brand new Metamorphosis Druid build, including gameplay tips, skill and stat point allocation, and a detailed gear breakdown using a breakpoint table. This druid is predicated around the new runeword Metamorphosis which gives a powerful pre-buff whichever kind of shapeshifter you select is your primary one (Wolf or Bear). The werewolf is regarded as the popular variant which is the higher DPS of the two, while the Werebear provides more tackiness and utility (an amazing option for team play).

Metamorphosis Druid, known as Shape-Shifting Druid, concentrates on transforming right into a strong were-form, permitting devastating melee combat. The two primary forms are Werewolf and Werebear, each with unique abilities and playstyles. The werewolf form focuses on high attack speed and life leech, while the Werebear form emphasizes damage absorption and powerful attacks.

The Metamorphosis runeword unlocks the effectiveness of either in the forms by providing a huge pre-buff bonus by attacking once in one form and switching to the main form to activate the next bonus. The bonus lasts 180 seconds the significant time period. Both buffs increase both your offense and defensive capabilities vastly increasing the effectiveness of the shapeshifter generally when both buffs are active.

Skill Point Allocation

Primary Skills

Werewolf or Werebear (20 points) - Choose your selected form for that playstyle.

Lycanthropy (20 points) - Increases the quantity of your were-forms and grants bonus life. Max this regardless of transformation choice.

Fury (Werewolf) or Maul (Werebear) (20 points) - These are the primary attack skills for each form. Max the chosen ability.

Secondary Skills

Feral Rage (Werewolf) or Shockwave (Werebear) (1-20 points) - Feral Rage grants life leech and movement speed, while Shockwave provides crowd control.

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Fire Claws (1-20 points) - Provides elemental damage and synergizes well with Fury or Maul. Use all extra skills after maxing primary skills then one of your sages, on these secondary abilities.

Summoning Skills

Spirit Wolf, Dire Wolf, and Grizzly Bear (1 point each) - This summons is now stacked which can make them more useful together just like a collective meatshield.

Oak Sage (1-20 points) - Grants a sizable life boost for you personally and your party which is a prerequisite to Heart of Wolverine if you're planning that route.

Heart of Wolverine (0-20 points) - Provides a damage and attack rating boost. Use this when survivability isn't a problem.

Stat Point Allocation

Strength - Enough to equip your desired gear.

Dexterity - Enough to attain max block (75%) together with your selected shield or none if you are planning to use a two-handed weapon.

Vitality - All remaining points to enhance life along with your sustainability. Remember you're further multiplied by Oak sage and battle orders so a greater base life's desirable.


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