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What is a dice game?

Başlatan Kipoewe, 25 Mart , 2023, 06:31:33

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Dice Rules
How to play dice in a thousand.

This dice game is based on classic poker, which is very popular in many countries.
They play using ordinary dice "bearers".
The game, which uses five special poker dice, is the most common and popular among dice fans.

Dice game 5 dice rules
The game requires five special dice "bearers".
The task of each player is to get the best poker hand by throwing zariki.
There can be any number of people who want to play, however, it is better if the number of players does not exceed five people.

Before the start of the game, the order in which those present will make moves is established.
To do this, each participant in the gaming table must throw one dice.
The player who rolled the highest dice should open the game.


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