How to cure stress?

Başlatan Kipoewe, 27 Aralık , 2022, 06:53:07

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If the condition has not reached a critical point, independent ways to deal with stress help well. Their goal is a superficial study of negative emotions (on the principle of "here and now"). Psychologists recommend:

Write down thoughts when an emotional wave covers. After reading what was written after some time, you can better understand the problem, separate the main from the secondary.
Clean your house regularly. Confusion in things is reflected by confusion in thoughts and feelings.
Drink vitamins for the nervous system and general strengthening multivitamin complexes. Distress depletes the body, so you need to replenish the lost nutrients.
Maximize physical activity. Sport distracts from experiences, regular training accelerates blood circulation, reduces the level of adrenaline in the blood.
Master mindfulness - the art of managing attention, being present in the present moment. Helps reduce anxiety, resist emotional outbursts, reflex reactions.
Take herbal teas at night. Phytotherapy has long demonstrated high efficiency.
Do breathing exercises. Exercise relaxes well, normalizes cardiac activity, speeds up metabolism.


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