RuneScape is one of the founding games of the MMORPG genre

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Games aren't allowed to fail no more. Titanfall 2 isn't getting the necessary resources to correct its online play on PC. Anthem was dropped halfway through the process of its big overhaul OSRS Gold. Fable Legends was cancelled before it had even been able to launch. The game is now either must be Fortnite or else die trying.

A developer's passion can be completely irrelevant to the publisher, as well. Dragon Age 4 has been cancelled twice because of greater-level interference continually dictating game's direction. Metal Gear fans, who very obviously want single-player gameshave received the game with co-op, Metal Gear Survive in 2018. And that's not even to be discussing all the subsidiary games Activision Blizzard wastes on constant Call of Duty development.

Thank god Jagex formed in a time in which it was free. The player base began to stagnate in the late 2000s and the game's publisher was likely to have shut down it all. The truth is, Raven Software started laying people off in the midst of Warzone made billions, so even success can spell disaster for the humans behind the game.

The stories of success we have are just exceptions to the rule sometimes. The stars needed to align to allow Among Us to find its players long after its launch and, perhaps the biggest example before that - without having the support of a major publisher was Undertale that was released in 2017.

This is the reason why RuneScape The first 20 Years isn't just essential reading for any fans of the game, but for everyone who is interested in what direction gaming development is taking. It's a reminder that all of us must support the indie community that is always fighting for attention in an enormous market.

And, above all, it's a reminder to be proud of that humble beginning. Gaming can appear to be a sexy and disgusting place at times (because it can be), but at the heart of it all Buy RuneScape Gold, there are dedicated developers with an experience they'd like to be able to share with us.