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Put away your prescriptions and take out the apple. How to prepare your child for the first grade without boredom
So your preschooler is at home. The garden and the developing club are closed, but time is running out, soon the schools will begin to complete the first classes, and as soon as the isolation is over, they will invite and interview. And for those guys who are still early to school, it would be nice to learn something useful.
Remove your prescriptions
For several reasons: firstly, the teacher at the school will have his own prescriptions, he himself will put a hand on the child, and retraining in which case is much more difficult than teaching from scratch. Secondly, prescriptions are mortal boredom, and here the children are already locked in four walls. Thirdly, if a child is sitting at home, it means that he already has a lack of physical activity, and he should not be seated at the table. Writing essays can be difficult for a child because you need to be able to write it. But if you use services from then it will be easier and simpler. This will contribute to the good development of your child.
Don't break the game
Play activity will remain the leading one for your child for many years to come. In elementary school, play is the sweetest thing, the shortest and safest way to knowledge, to understanding oneself, to mastering new rules. Therefore, if you are already going to prepare a child for school, then let it be such a fun family game, without severely shifted eyebrows and barracks conditions.


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