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Whether players want to join in the PvP action and gather resources for exclusive rewards, or just struggle with raids, constantly increasing damage is always a plus in Lost Ark. All classes can deal massive damage in Lost Ark. Some classes, especially some sub-classes, are tailored to deal with massive DPS.

When it comes to damage in Lost Ark, three classes have more DPS than the others. The Sorceress class is one of the most reliable classes we could choose to play in Lost Ark. She has excellent range in PvE and PvP, very high damage, relatively easy to throw, and easy to master. That's why I chose this class and spent a lot of Lost Ark Gold to enhance her.

I have a lot of experience buying Lost Ark Gold. IGGM is my most trusted seller. The trading methods and trading systems they provide reassure me. I can also learn about useful game guides at IGGM. They provide us with low prices and a legal and safe trading system, IGGM can always be trusted by us. They give away 10% free Lost Ark to players who come to trade Gold. I'm already on my way!