Differences between essays and other creative works

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Such works are written not only on literary works, as it may seem at first. Assignments on such subjects as history, political science, philosophy, social studies - and this is not the whole list.

Is academized legit? To write a good essay, you need to understand how it differs from other works, such as essays. This genre has its own special features:

small volume;
always deals with a specific, narrow topic or issue;
the presence of theses and supporting arguments;
the need to present their own thoughts;
free, not scientific style of narration.

It is not necessary to retell theories and hypotheses, to follow templates - it is necessary to write down own thoughts about the chosen topic and to prove their consistency, relying on the studied information.

You can use various expressive methods, cite quotes, famous aphorisms - there are no strict limits. The main thing is not to exceed the recommended length, which is usually no more than seven pages.

The structure of essays is also different from essays and other papers. It is not necessary to write a table of contents, to break it up into paragraphs and chapters. The text should consist of three components:

the main part, which consists of an alternation of theses and arguments;

The introduction and conclusion should not occupy more than 25% of the text. Starting to write the essay, you need to outline the problems and relevance of the topic, formulate the main questions and to the extent necessary to give answers to them.

The main part is a full analysis of the questions posed. It is carried out with the help of some statements, ideas - theses, which should be supported by arguments - facts, logical conclusions, life experiences, various data. In the final part, you should describe your own vision of the problem and propose ways to solve it.

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