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Types of double-glazed Windows

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Types of double-glazed Windows
Single-chamber double-glazed Windows.
Double-glazed Windows are sheets of glass that are hermetically fixed in the frame. A single-chamber double-glazed window is two sheets of glass with an air chamber between them. Single-chamber double-glazed Windows are optimal for loggias and balconies, as well as for kitchens (especially those facing South).
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Double-glazed Windows consist of three panes and two air chambers between them. They provide much better heat and noise insulation than single-chamber ones. Therefore, these double-glazed Windows are recommended for most residential premises.
Three-chamber double-glazed Windows (four Windows and three air chambers) are the best choice for a cold climate. These Windows provide very good sound insulation, they are installed in rooms facing North or on noisy roads, they are also suitable for very high floors. Three-chamber double-glazed Windows are the best option for a bedroom.
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